Hello and welcome to my website.
I can't believe I haven't updated it since April.
It's the first day of fall. I love living in the Hudson Valley, and especially Warwick.
My lovely wife, Patty and I have dropped off the twins in their respective colleges.
Erin is at Morrisville State College, about 4 hours away. Jeremy jr. is at Pace University in Pleasantville, NY. I was quite surprised at how emotional I got as we drove off leaving Erin so far from home. It seemed easier with Jeremy, I guess it's partly because he's much closer. I miss them, but being the selfish man I am, I sure like having my wife all to myself.  Patty got pregnant on our Honeymoon. Six weeks later, we found out it was twins. It's been a race ever since.

Summer was great. I got a little teary eyed on Graduation Day. I'm so proud of my kids, they are adjusting to their new lives very well.

Gigs were excellent this summer. I'm gonna seev if I can keep em' coming thru the fall and winter. Check out the calendar and stop in and say hello.

Thanks for supporting live, local music. 



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