and The War on Big Soda

Well, not really, yet. Been kinda cool lately. Great sleeping weather, but my A/C is still running.
I've played lots of gigs so far this summer, plenty more where that came from.

By now you've probably heard about my alter-ego band, Big Soda and The Refreshments. We've been having lots of fun with the name. But in all seriousness, I've never heard of anyone getting killed or injured but a soda filled driver. Yet, there seems to be a war on soda. Here's a little secret for ya, fat people know soda is not good for them, but they like all its sugary deliciousness. Smokers know it's not good for ya, but they like it. I'm a smoker too. I wish I wasn't, but I am.
Here's the deal:
I'm not killing you with my big soda and my cigarettes, I'm killing me. As stupid as it sounds, it's my right to do so.
But, there is an epidemic of drunk drivers killing people across the country. And statistics show that these  preventable occurrences (not accidents) go up in summer.

So when you come to a show, and you're drinking alcohol, drink responsibly please.
Unless you're drinking soda, then drink till you puke!

I've been working with my good friend Chris Raabe, doing some acoustic duo's. Really enjoying the groove.

We're gonna be all over the place this summer, so stop in and say hello sometime.

We hope to see you out there supporting live music.



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